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8600 South Bridge

6000 West to 5600 West

West Jordan City, Utah

Construction Activities


Construction will pause from Wednesday, November 22, at 12 p.m. through Monday, November 27, at 5 a.m. in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. Traffic control will remain in the area to protect the work zone.

Ongoing Construction Activities*

Crews will continue installing concrete along the bridge structure. They will also be working on landscaping activities along the east and west sides of Mountain View Corridor. These work is anticipated to continue through the end of November.

Bridge structure, drainage system, and wall structure activities on Mountain View Corridor's east and west sides will continue through November.


Mountain View Corridor Trail will continue to be closed from New Bingham Highway to 8200 South until Spring 2024.

  • Pedestrians and bicyclists are advised to follow posted detours to nearby surface streets and use caution during active bridge construction.


The northbound and southbound inside lanes on Mountain View Corridor may be closed periodically, Monday – Friday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. until the end of the project.

*Construction schedules are subject to change due to weather, utility, and material delays.

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The City of West Jordan is constructing a new bridge above Mountain View Corridor on 8600 South to connect 6000 West and 5600 West. 

Construction began in late February 2023 and is expected to extend through fall of 2024.* 


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A map of the project area shows where the new bridge will be, connecting 6000 W with 5600 W over Mountain View corridor. The bridge is shown in a dotted orange line

*Construction schedules are subject to change due to materials, weather, or equipment delays.

Project Overview & Schedule

What to Expect

Improved Connection 


6000 W and 5600 W

Construction Equipment and Vehicles in the Area

Increased Noise, Dust, and Vibration

Email & Text Updates

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Temporary Lane Shifts and Detours 

About the Bridge

A typical section illustration of the bridge to be built. the graphic shows a sky with clouds and the bridge in front of it, with a man and young girl holding hands on the left sidewalk, an suv driving towards the viewer in one lane, a sedan driving away from the viewer in the next lane, and a single man on the sidewalk on the opposite side from the other pedestrians. The bridge is shown with the fence on the structure on both sides of it. Driven piles, vertical structures supporting the bridge, are also illustrated beneath the car and pedestrian graphics and labeled as such.

This two-span steel bridge will stretch 312 feet, connecting 6000 W to

5600 W over Mountain View Corridor.

Crews will be moving around 160,000 cubic yards of dirt in and out of the work zone for this bridge project!

A satellite view of the neighborhoods surrounding 8600 South also show where the bridge will be placed with a superimposed roadway arching over mountain view corridor.

The bridge will be suspended approximately 16 feet above Mountain View corridor and be surrounded by an ornamental fence, providing an improved, aesthetically pleasing connection for the traveling public.

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